Poetry & Dedications

A Daughter's Poem
A poem by MariaFrancesca Gigliotti

It hit me before I even got the call.
I remember it seemed like everything was trying to stall.
I had some people near me, with not much to say.
All I heard is them telling "everything is going to be okay".

We entered depression after depression.
Going through session after session.
We'd wait in that room, wondering and worrying.
All we could see was all the nurses scurrying.

Our hearts would stop whenever we saw them frown.
We'd hope for the best when we'd see a gown.
The cafeteria was a comfort zone.
A place to socialize, eat, or to be alone.

I remember the morning it happened,crystal clear.
I remember the worry, the tears, and the fear.
It was me and my dad, all we could do was wait.
We waited three times before we met fate.

They brought in the crash cart, tension filled the air.
We wanted to help her, but all we could do was stare.
We used our words and they used their skills.
Forgetting the tissues, forgetting the bills.

I remember the moment she took her last breath.
I accepted the feeling, accepted the death.
She didn't have to struggle, or push anymore.
She finished the battle and we lost the war.

It wasn't hard to accept, and I didn't deny.
Because I was there, to say goodbye.
We went back to that room, but now not to wait,
because we new it was over, we new this was fate.

The day of closure that we had
we didn't know whether to be angry or sad.
We new that she tried hard, we knew that she cared,
but she left us behind, misunderstood and unprepared.

Poesia per Lisa (Italian version)
di Antonietta Gigliotti

Lisuccia nostra cara e bella
Sené andata dalle stelle
Con Gesú Giuseppe e Maria
a farci a loro compagnia

Sené andata tutta bruciata
Ma Gesú la rinovata
Molto bella cara e fina
Anzi piú bella di prima

Lisuccia nostra é contenta
Che a trovato buone gente
Ora mai sené andata
Ma di noi non sié dimenticata

Nei nostri sogni ci viene a trovarci
E ci informerá del nostro futuro
Sta a noi di capire i sogni
Di quello che lei ci vuol dire

Ma lei ci guarda e ci tiene informati
Lisuccia nostra e una stella indorata
E che splenderá nel cielo
E a noi ci guarderá

14, Novembre 2007

A Poem for Lisa (English version)
by Antonietta Gigliotti

Our sweet Lisa dear and beautiful
You have gone to the stars
With Jesus Joseph and Mary
To give you company

You went there, your body burned
But Jesus renewed you
So beautiful, dear and fine
More beautiful than ever

Our sweet Lisa, you are happy
That you found good people
Now you are there
But for us, we will not forget you

In our dreams, you come to find us
To help us and guide us
It is for us to understand the dreams
Of what you want to tell us

But you watch over us and guide us
Our sweet Lisa a beautiful star
That glows in the sky
And watches over us

November 14, 2007

My Teacher, My Hero, My Mentor, My Friend.
A poem by Colleen Davis
(Read at the memorial service)

I heard the sad news you were injured today.
My heart was so sad, so I stopped and I prayed.
Day after day I never stopped.
Wishing and hoping you would wake up.

Then the news came, to heaven you've gone.
I looked around and thought how does life just go on?

I am 50 years old you changed my life,
We laughed and we talked and ate hard ice cream,
We talked of our spouses, our children our dreams.
You helped me thru spanish, you called me at home.
When I was sick you let me know I was not alone.

My teacher, my hero, my mentor, my friend.
I can't believe this has come to an end.

I know I will see you in heaven someday.
You've gone above and beyond
what I expected you to say.
Elisa my friend you'll be in my heart,
forever and always, you'll never depart.

Yes, I heard the sad news that you've passed away,
with so many things I still needed to say.

So I say them now, I know you will hear.
My friend I love you. I wish were here!
But my life is blessed because I knew you.
How fortunate the day I met you.

I love you!

Playing with the Angels
— Ambika Talwar

Elisa, she traveled far
in fullness of tears and smiles,
far from a little village
in a beauteous land…

She traveled far
calling for love—sated by it,
loving all in her path
with gentle humour.

And having found this magma
she left suddenly
in a chemistry of portals
to stardust of light.

And all is green,
and all is golden—
there where she now smiles
at play with the angels.

From silver to golden
she has become—
having borne cherubs
having lived alchemy,

sweetest of alchemy
in layers of foreign dust
where lemons do grow
and moons do smile.

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